30 Apr 2016

WordPress has been translated into Marathi

Polygots, the official translators team for wordpress announced that they have successfully completed 100% translation of Marathi, the Indian Language. Marathi has an estimated 73 million native speakers and is mostly spoken in Maharashtra region of Western India. According to Wikipedia it is also the 19th most spoken language in the world as per the number of native speakers.


The new translation teams stepped up the translation process during the Global WordPress Translation Day event and finished the translation from 10% to 100% just within a week. Organizer Petya Raykovska said, “India was the big surprise with four of the big Indian languages getting new contributors, forming teams, and connecting across India with one another to collaborate live.”

Due to the eight local translation team events, Marathi got a subsequent push to make 100% in a short span. Hindi is also on 100% while other Indian languages are also doing well with the persistent efforts of the newly formed translation teams.

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